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Chibi Pinched Vanitas by alexpharoa
Chibi Pinched Vanitas
Back and in style using the new pinched format that's going around when picking up a character by their clothing.

#KingdomAsylum - Vanitas

Journal Entry: Mon Jan 23, 2012, 11:05 PM

Vanitas+Ventus Pictures, Images and Photos


Basic Info:

Name: Vanitas D'Abaraccio

Age: 16

Date of Birth: September 9th

Gender: Male

Personality: Being the alternate personality of Ventus, he has a violent tendency and loves to make others miserable. He can be pretty narcissistic and vain by caring only about himself and a flirt at times. He comes off as cocky, and uncaring and to get what he wants he can be cold, ruthless, and crude in his methods. He dislikes help from others due to his  proud nature. He's pretty cunning for his age with a  cruel streak, yet appears calm and collected. He is also highly manipulative and arrogant. He enjoys sweets, but mostly the sour kind. He hates when his 'other' acts weak and stupid, looking down on him most of the time. He enjoys reading, crafts, and mind games at others expense.

Appearance: Unlike his 'other' his eye color shifts to a golden honey sort of hue with a colder and crueler look in his eyes. His eyes hide most of his emotions and when he rarely shows them its usually cruelty and mischief, if not a gleam of insanity. He has blonde spiky hair that is exactly like his counterparts which stops at the nape of his neck and swoops to the side when he's the dominant one, but when he haunts Ventus in his dreams or in the back of his mind, he's seen with black raven hair, a bit past the nape of his neck. Only Ventus can see him like that. The clothes he prefers to wear, button up shirts with long sleeves and tight-fitted leather pants with a chain on his belt loops. When it's cold he's seen wearing a red or black hoodie. Rarely, but sometimes he's found with a plush of a black creature that he tosses in the air or against the wall in anger.

Background: He doesn't recall much, only a birthday and what little family he had which were his parents that are dead, yet cannot recall what was the cause of death besides it being an accident which only he survived suffering severe injuries. He remembers being in darkness and listening to the incessant babble of someone who was on what he considered the 'outside' world. He hates that his memory goes in and out, but is sometimes able to piece things together. After being put in a foster home, when prompted by teasing to his lack of memory which was a frustrating issue of his as well as not being able to stand his 'other' being so weak and not fighting back, he attacked one of them violently without hesitation and much enjoyment at the blood that was on his hands. The kid was found dead in a pool of his own blood. This was the cause for both his and Ventus being sent to the asylum after Ventus was found freaking out with blood covering his hands. He was eventually given a name and took a liking to it as he torments his other finding pure amusement in it. He sometimes sees himself as the original personality or the true one and Ventus being the created one.


Patient: Vanitas

Medical Disorder:

Multiple Personality Disorder: Multiple personality disorder (MPD)/Dissociative identity disorder (DID)  is a psychiatric disorder characterized by having at least one "alternate" personality that controls behavior. The "other personality" is said to occur spontaneously and involuntarily, and function more or less independently of each other. The unity of consciousness is said to be absent in MPD. Many labeled with MPD seek mental health treatment programs to help manage the disorder. Another symptom of MPD/DID is significant amnesia which can't be explained by ordinary forgetfulness.

Retrograde amnesia, the loss of pre-existing memories to conscious recollection, beyond an ordinary degree of forgetfulness. This type of amnesia first targets the patient's most recent memories, the amount of memories lost depends on the severity of the case. The person may be able to memorize new things that occur after the onset of amnesia (unlike in anterograde amnesia), but is unable to recall some or all of their life or identity prior to the onset. The effects of retrograde amnesia (RA) occurs on fact memory on a lower degree than its affects on autobiographical memory, which can be affected over the whole lifespan of the patient by RA. There have also been some cases where retrograde amnesia is a result of hypoglycemia in insulin-dependent diabetic patients.

He also has advanced signs of Machiavellianism which is also a term that some social and personality psychologists use to describe a person's tendency to deceive and manipulate other people for their personal gain. He has also displayed narcissism which often means inflated self-importance, egoism, vanity, conceit, or simple selfishness as well as psychopathy, having pervasive pattern of disregard for, or violation of, the rights of others. It is defined in different ways, but can involve a lack of empathy or remorse, shallow emotions, selfishness, grandiosity or deceptiveness; it can also involve impulsiveness, irritability, aggression, or recklessness. He  has the symptoms to be diagnosed with the dark triad.

Possible set-offs of disorder: An extreme sense of fight or flight can make them have an attack, switch, or irritation. It can be random when they switch places which turn out more opportune for him than his 'other'.

Relationship: With Riku Vincent Sauveterre as his boyfriend.


  • Mood: Optimism
  • Listening to: Persona 3 -- Time
  • Reading: Fanfiction
  • Watching: Vice
  • Playing: With the codes in this journal
  • Eating: Nothing
  • Drinking: Big Blue


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Apparently I'm some sort of adorable chibi that keeps getting glomped. Lurves to draw Yu-Gi-Oh! and Death Note most of the time :heart:

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